About Foothills Family Care, LLC

Foothills Family Care is the primary care practice of Cory Carroll, MD. Dr. Carroll, a Fort Collins physician since 1992, is focused on evidence-based medicine to provide better health care to his patients. To create a sustainable environment where his medical philosophy can thrive, he has recently converted his practice to the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. Under DPC, patients of Foothills Family Care have better and more frequent access to care without the worry of meeting high-deductibles, adhering to in/out-of-network rules, being rushed through an office visit or other situations that can limit the quality of the physician/patient relationship.

The traditional medical model (as taught to Dr. Carroll 25 years ago and still taught to medical students today) focuses on diagnosis and treatment while giving lip service to prevention. This is a tragedy since many illnesses can be prevented or significantly altered by behavioral changes. In 2012, Dr. Carroll decided it was time to address this issue and he developed a power point program designed to educate participants about the critical connection between whole food, plant based nutrition and health.

Meet the Foothills Family Care Staff

Teresa has worked with Dr. Carroll for 21 years. As the practice has changed over the years, so have her duties. She started out as the receptionist, then moved to administrative manager and is now Dr. Carroll’s medical assistant. Teresa’s dedication to all phases of her work is apparent as she keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently while being the “go-to” person for the patients as well as the other staffers. Outside of office hours, Teresa likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys being active outdoors, reading and other quiet activities.