9:00 AM – EFYL Registration Begins and Exhibit Area Opens
10:00 AM – Presentation: Eating for Your Healthy Life; Cory Carroll, MD
10:00 AM – Food Demonstration with Sarah Eastin
10:45 AM – Break / Silver Seed Food Truck and Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary animal visiting area open
11:00 AM – Presentation: The Environmental Impact of Food Production; Shelby McClelland and Allison Leach
11:00 AM – Food Demonstration with Eric Aakko
11:40 AM – Door Prize Drawing
11:45 AM – Break
12:00 Noon – Presentation: Supporting your Health Intentions with Mindful Eating; Deanna O’Connell, RD
12:00 Noon – Food Demonstration with JL Fields

12:40 AM – Door Prize Drawing
12:45 PM – Break
1:00 PM – (Repeat) Presentation: Eating for Your Healthy Life; Cory Carroll, MD
1:00 PM – Food Demonstration with Michelle Cerise
1:40 PM – Door Prize Drawing
1:45 PM – Break
2:00 PM – (Repeat) Presentation: The Environmental Impact of Food Production; Shelby McClelland and Allison Leach
2:00 PM – Food Demonstration with JL Fields
2:40 PM – Door Prize Drawing
2:45 PM – Break
3:00 PM – (Repeat) Presentation: Supporting your Health Intentions with Mindful Eating; Deanna O’Connell, RD
3:00 PM – Food Demonstration with Sapna Von Reich
3:15 PM – Silver Seed Food Truck and Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary animal visiting area close
3:45 PM – Exhibit area closes
4:00 PM – EFYL Festival closes


Cory D. Carroll, MD
Foothills Family Care, LLC

Cory Carroll, M.D. is a board-certified family physician who has been practicing in Fort Collins for 27 years. His focus is on prevention of disease by helping his patients understand the critical role food plays in disease and health. The cost of “health care” (really disease management) is out of control. There are mechanisms to lower patient costs, but they require training that is not routinely given to medical providers.

He currently serves on the Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors and has served as the president of Larimer and Northern Colorado Medical Societies on three separate occasions. His practice has evolved to a financial model called Direct Primary Care and does not accept payment from insurance systems, private or public. The DPC model is more c/w a doctor being compensated for creating health rather than treating sickness.

Shelby McClelland
PhD Student, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University

Shelby McClelland is a PhD Student in Ecology at Colorado State University. Prior to arriving at CSU, Shelby received a Bachelor of Science in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University with a concentration in Food Systems and Ecology & the Environment. After graduating from Cornell, she worked as a Research Analyst at the Environmental Defense Fund in San Francisco researching enteric methane and other sources of agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Her work at EDF informed legislation developed by the California Air Resources Board pertaining to the mitigation of livestock methane emissions. Shelby’s current work examines the impact of key organic agriculture management practices on soil carbon and GHG emissions at the farm-scale.

Allison Leach
PhD Candidate, Natural Resources & Earth Systems Science, University of New Hampshire
Research Associate, The Sustainability Institute, University of New Hampshire

Allison Leach is a PhD Candidate in Natural Resources at the University of New Hampshire. Before starting at UNH, Alley earned a Master’s in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia where she compared the nitrogen efficiency of a permaculture livestock farm in Virginia to conventional farms. While at UVA, she also developed the first campus-level nitrogen footprint model and contributed to personal nitrogen footprint tools for over 8 countries. More recently, she helped launch the first integrated campus carbon and nitrogen footprint tool (SIMAP), and she released a Food Label Toolkit that calculates the sustainability of a food item in terms of its carbon, nitrogen, and water footprint. She has published her research in over 30 journal articles and has presented at scientific conferences in 6 countries. Her current research explores the impact of human consumption patterns and different food production methods on nitrogen losses to the environment.

Deanna O’Connell, RD
Community Health Educator
Community Health Improvement
North Region

Deanna O’Connell works in Community Health Improvement at UCHealth where she is a Registered Dietitian. She is a licensed facilitator for the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program and co-facilitator for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the UCHealth Cancer Center. Deanna also provides programming for various UCHealth Aspen Club classes.


Sarah is a Vegan Chef, Lifestyle & Health Coach and Consultant who specializes in helping people feel their very best by coaching them to thrive on a healthy vegan / plant based lifestyle as well as create and enjoy tasty foods. In addition to her work with individuals, she helps brands and businesses that have a compassionate and sustainable mission grow and works to create a compassionate community. You can find her on her blog where she writes about all things good for the planet, people and animals: http://healgrowblossom.com/
Eric Aakko, MS MCHES
Author of Fusion Roots: Eating Plant-Strong for Active Living and Culinary Wellness

Eric Aakko is a graduate from a professional plant-based culinary program and has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. He is also a certified Food for Life cooking instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and has over 23 years experience as a public health practitioner and health educator addressing various population health issues.

As a plant-based chef educator, Eric’s cooking and wellness workshops use evidence-based resources to promote healthy living. His cooking values focus on using whole food, low to no oil, organic and local when feasible. He uses French cooking techniques, combined with various international flavors. The workshops range from private demonstrations to large, multi-session classes. Classes have spanned various locations across Colorado–from Boulder to Grand Junction, including Canada and Florida.

JL Fields
Founder of the Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy

JL Fields is a Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator, Food for Life instructor, chef instructor in the culinary program at the University of New Mexico-Taos, personal chef, career coach, and a corporate consultant offering wellness training, brand representation, and strategic planning services. JL is the author of the revised and updated Vegan Pressure Cooking: More Than 100 Delicious Grain, Bean, and One-Pot Meals Using a Traditional or Electric Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot® (Fair Winds Press, January 2018) and The Vegan Air Fryer: The Healthier Way to Enjoy Deep-Fried Flavors (Vegan Heritage Press, June 2017) and co-author of The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook: Over 100 Plant-Sourced Recipes Plus Practical Tips for the Healthiest, Most Compassionate You (Ben Bella, December 2017) and Vegan for Her: The Woman’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet (Da Capo Lifelong Books, July 2013). She is the co-creator of The Real World Vegan Meal Plan, producer and host of the cooking show Real World Vegan Cooking and the radio program Easy Vegan, and writes the monthly vegan dining review for the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Michelle Cerise
Certified Vegan Chef specializing in raw, plant-based cuisine

Michelle became a Certified Vegan Chef in 2005 at Living Light Culinary Institute and graduated in 2013 at Matthew Kenney Culinary in LA– She is on the cutting edge of raw, plant-based cuisine. Classes at local venues and international destinations have shown participants that when done right– plant-based food is easy and delicious! She has a true passion for motivating others to live a mindful life through plant-based food. She inspires others as a Personal Chef, through Hands-On Classes, Catering, Personal and Corporate Consulting, Cleanses, Health & Life Coaching, Retreats and Wellness Events– Locally, Nationally and Internationally. She also loves running, yoga, meditation, hiking and empowering others to live their best life!

Sapna Von Reich
‘Food for Life’ instructor for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

Sapna Von Reich holds a certification in plant- based nutrition from Cornell University, NY. She is a lifestyle health coach and a well-known plant-based food educator in Northern Colorado. She enjoys teaching nutrition and cooking classes to all ages. The food we eat can have a positive influence against diseases like diabetes and cancer. So her hope is for everyone to work consciously to change their lifestyle, and to fit in 30 to 60 minutes of making fresh and delicious meals at home every day.



Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary provides a safe haven for abused and neglected farm animals, and offers humane education to the community.

Celebrating all life and cultivating compassion.

We hope to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of animals, and we dream of a day when compassionate eating choices are a given.

Our hope is not only to save animals from needless pain and suffering, we also hope to open some minds and challenge long-held beliefs. And we will always do so with respect. We will never look down on anyone who eats meat, eggs and dairy. We know that a transition can be very challenging, and we are here to support you and give you encouragement along the way. We are not a “vegan only” place- we welcome all. We just ask that you have an open mind and respect our animal family members by not bringing any animal based foods on to the sanctuary grounds.

Throughout the year, we will host many events such as potlucks, cookouts, picnics and cooking classes to provide delicious plant based foods here. Make sure to check out our Events page to learn more.


Foothills Family Care is the primary care practice of Cory Carroll, MD. Dr. Carroll, a Fort Collins physician since 1992, is focused on evidence-based medicine to provide better health care to his patients. To create a sustainable environment where his medical philosophy can thrive, he has recently converted his practice to the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. Under DPC, patients of Foothills Family Care have better and more frequent access to care without the worry of meeting high-deductibles, adhering to in/out-of-network rules, being rushed through an office visit or other situations that can limit the quality of the physician/patient relationship.

The traditional medical model (as taught to Dr. Carroll 25 years ago and still taught to medical students today) focuses on diagnosis and treatment while giving lip service to prevention. This is a tragedy since many illnesses can be prevented or significantly altered by behavioral changes. In 2012, Dr. Carroll decided it was time to address this issue and he developed the program he titled “Paradigm Shift for Health.” (PSFH) is designed to educate participants about the critical connection between whole food, plant based nutrition and health. PSFH classes and other activities are a benefit enjoyed by patients in the Foothills Family Care DPC model.


A Colorado native– I love food, travel, adventure and the outdoors– though my true passion is inspiring others to live a mindful life.

After receiving a BFA from Colorado State University, I started my own graphic design company. With over 15+ successful years in the business, I decided it was time to explore and my journey inward took me to new and exciting places. I began traveling abroad doing volunteer work and eventually joined the Peace Corps.

I quickly found a true passion for living a more enlightened life through raw, living food. I not only found more vitality then ever before– it also fueled another one of my loves– running.

My core belief– we should stimulate our intellect, expand our cultural horizons, challenge ourselves daily– and be reminded just how brave we actually are!

I am a Health and Life Coach, a Certified Vegan Chef and am committed to empowering and supporting others in being their best self. I want to inspire you through my classes, coaching, personal cheffing, wellness events, catering, consulting and retreats locally, nationally and internationally.