2018 EFYL Vendors

Updated list of vendors as of September 13, 2018.

JL Fields, founder and culinary director of Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy, provides in-person vegan cooking services, lifestyle coaching and classes in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas as well as Skype and/or phone coaching throughout the U.S. and internationally. Follow JL on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Sarah Eastin, Vegan Chef & Lifestyle Coach and Brand Ambassador at No Evil Foods, hosts Heal, Grow, Blossom, a blog dedicate to all good things for people, the planet and animals. Sarah started the blog as a way to share what she has learned on her personal journey.

HUGS (Homeland Urban Gardening Systems) is your local, Northern Colorado composting, soil rejuvenation & gardening partner. Soil is the basis for all human life and we are losing it at a phenomenal rate! We must now do more than just care for our soil; we must start managing and protecting it for future generations. HUGS was founded out of the deep desire to do just this; using the power of compost and urban farming.

Kristy Hall, MS, RNCP, ROHP, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.
Kristy is certified in Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy, Culinary Genomics, Health Coaching, Epigenetics and NutriGenetics. Living Well Nutrition, LLC offers functional nutrition services that focus on the whole person, not isolated symptoms.

Mama’s Tofu Collective is a Fort Collins based workers cooperative. We are passionate about local food and the need for locally sourced organic tofu in Fort Collins.

Michelle Cerise– Plant-Based Vegan Chef. Michelle has a true passion for motivating others to live a mindful life through delicious, plant-based food! She is inspirational as a Personal Chef, through Hands-On Classes, Catering, Personal and Corporate Consulting, Cleanses, Health & Life Coaching, Retreats and Wellness Events.

Mountain Avenue Market (formerly The Fort Collins Food Co-op) is open to all — members and non-members alike. Anyone can shop the Market! Mountain Avenue Market makes it easy to load up on everything local, organic and natural. With over 2,000 local items throughout the store, if they make it in Colorado we probably have it. What’s more, there’s a good chance the person standing next to you in the aisle made something we sell in the store! We offer over 200 items in our Bulk department, including hard to find bulk goods.

Pit Liquor deodorant and Distilled Bath and Body. We made Pit Liquor because we were tired of how pervasively we found noxious chemicals in our environment and on/in our bodies. So, obviously, we turned to whiskey to solve our quandary. We did research, trials, and found a perfect formula using only ingredients that are safe enough to eat. We took Pit Liquor from a self-made thing we do at home to something we can sell to others. We’re so thankful for each of you!

Punk Rock Earth Mother – Helping you get holistically healthy, one small step at a time. I promote and sell products from Purium, a whole-food, plant-based, organic super food store and Poofy, a line of products for bath, body, hair and cosmetics that are handmade of the cleanest, most pure ingredients available.

Sapna Von Reich, a native of Northern India, has been teaching authentic Indian cooking for over 14 years. Fresh, healthy, and inspired cuisine is her specialty. In the past few years, she has expanded her repertoire by becoming a certified Food for Life Instructor for PCRM (Physicians for Responsible Medicine). Sapna also lectures for many wellness programs and offers kids cooking classes as well.

As part of The Gold Leaf Collective, the Silver Seed food truck has traveled far and wide, capturing the hearts and appetites of people from all walks of life. The distinctive little 1964 Serro-Scotty Sportsman, dispensing plant-based deliciousness from a window, has quickly become a nationally recognized symbol for a new standard in ethical, healthy, mobile food vending.

Speaking Wellness, LLC – Plant Strong: Food for Life promoting optimum plant-based nutrition and cooking through workshops ranging from private demonstrations to large, multi-session classes. The Speaking Wellness message has reached across Colorado–from Boulder to Grand Junction–and as far as Canada and Florida. 100% of book sales profit from Eric Aakko’s new book, Fusion Roots: Eating Plant-Strong for Active Living and Culinary Wellness goes to educational and food development projects.

Deanna O’Connell, registered dietitian and UCHealth Community Health educator, teaches tangible tools for mind and body through classes in the UCHealth Chronic Disease Management program. EnhanceWellness® / Living Well / Am I Hungry?®

All of our organic ingredients are carefully selected and intentionally crafted, creating a flavor combination that will serve as well as satisfy. Fennel and ginger which promote soothing for digestion, turmeric and its ability to cool inflammation in the body, and cacao, an antioxidant rich superfood helping to eliminate free radicals. We will constantly craft our flavors with your health in mind.