Patient Testimonials


I am sold on Dr. Carroll as my primary care physician; I appreciate his Engineering approach to healthcare.

Dr. Carroll’s “Direct Primary Care” model works well for me from both a healthcare and financial perspective.  With the ease of so many methods of “meeting” with the Doctor (Video Chat, Text, Email, etc.), I will feel free to have a “one-on-one” with him on issues I used to debate whether or not to go to the office to address.  From a financial perspective, I have a high deductible Health Insurance plan.  With the new DPC program, my yearly membership plan is about the same dollar amount as I would have spent on a hand full of visits with the old plan.

– B. C.

Dr. Carroll has been my physician for most of the time I have been in Colorado, 20 years.  He has always been very good, and open to changing his practice as he learns more about the human body.  His relatively recent change to focus on food as a medicine, Paradigm Shift for Health, has worked very well for me.  My blood work has gone from borderline in several areas, back to normal.  I have even gone off a statin drug for cholesterol, and my cholesterol spiked up for a short time and then back to normal. His even more recent move to Direct Primary Care method is something that fits me very well.  I really like that I can have an over the phone appointment. This fits my very busy life, and I feel the care is the same as going to the office.  Dr. Carroll really listens to what I say, and together we have made major improvements in my health.  I still have a ways to go, but feel I am on the right track. Always learning more about what I can do to better my quality of life. 

– G. W.

I would like to express my gratitude for Dr. Carroll’s “Paradigm Shift for Health”.  Dr. Carroll is very keen on keeping his patients healthy and has introduced a series of talks on various health issues such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.  In addition he has also introduced us to plant based foods in these classes and how eating more healthy can prevent these types of diseases.  My husband Mario and I have attended all of the classes offered and have found them very informative and beneficial and have made great strides in improving our health.  Eating more plant based foods has made both of us feel better and has resulted in subsequent weight loss.  Changes don’t happen overnite and we continue to implement what we have learned to keep us moving toward better health, a work in process.  The focus on prevention is a much needed direction in the medical profession.

– M. S.