Healing and DNA Repair

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We all have experienced healing of our body. Minor trauma such as a paper cut or thorn prick are common and rarely require anything more than a bandaid. Some have survived major trauma from an automobile crash or sports injury and needed aggressive intervention such as surgery and hospitalization. Amazingly, our bodies usually heal.

I appreciate the technology that medicine can provide but to be honest, without the innate healing capacity of the body doctors would be impotent.

If you really think about healing it is nothing less than miraculous. Damaged cells are removed by our immune system that also fights off any microscopic organisms that have entered the body. Cells that are not injured begin to multiply and fill the defect and stem cells will turn on and create new specialized cells. Scars may form but many times the tissue can be returned to its natural state – AMAZING!

To add to this wonder, our bodies can repair DNA. In 2015, three scientists, Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry having mapped and explained how the cell repairs its DNA and safeguards the genetic information. This is not a pharmaceutical agent or surgical repair, this is inherent in every one of us. The genetic information that governs how human beings are shaped has flowed through our bodies for hundreds of thousands of years. It is constantly subjected to assaults from the environment, yet it remains surprisingly intact and we now have incite how this occurs.

I advocate a WFPBD (whole foods plant based diet) because it has the greatest evidence of preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer or heart attacks. Part of that protection is very likely helping this mechanistic repair of DNA. Avoiding toxins (processed foods and large amount of animal products) is important but perhaps having a plant based diet is the dominant factor in health.

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Dr. Carroll