Direct Primary Care Information

Direct Primary Care (DPC) functions by patients paying a monthly fee directly to the doctor’s practice. This fee covers:

  • Office visits 
  • Telephone appointments
  • Virtual Visits 
  • Patient Portal interactions 
  • Annual wellness review
  • Minor in office surgeries 
  • Common in-office lab tests

These visits and services are covered within the monthly fee without co-pays, deductibles or extra fees. The current health care system is becoming more and more dysfunctional and many health care professionals are starting to realize the mega clinics and large scale health systems are impeding their ability to provide quality personal care to their patients. Dr. Carroll’s goal is to provide personal care with time to engage in conversations to encourage healthy choices to avoid chronic diseases.

Member Services Agreement Monthly Membership Fees

Older Adult (> 65):       $77/month=$924/yr.

Adult (40-64):                 $60.50/month=$726/yr.

Young Adult (18-39): $44/month=$528/yr.

Child/Teen (<18):          $16.50/month=$198/yr. 
                                                 *with one parent/guardian membership.

The new patient joining fee is $29 per member and is non-refundable. As well as an initial 3-month minimum for new patients payable on first visit.

• Couples/family: 15% discount on total monthly cost
• Prepay for one year: 1 month discount
• Achieve health goals and move towards a plant dominated diet: 10% discount on total monthly cost.

As a member in Foothills Family Care DPC, you will still need insurance to cover those medical procedures, treatments and labs that Dr. Carroll cannot perform in his office.


    Learn More

    To learn more about this up and coming business model for receiving health care we recommend the following web sites:

    The Direct Primary Care site has many links to other participating providers, current legislation efforts in the USA, and testimonials from both providers and patients.

    The 5 Basic Principles of the DPC practice outline the doctor/patient relationship.

    David Von Drehle’s December 22, 2014 Time® article, “Medicine is About Getting Personal” tells Dr. Garrison Bliss’s story of becoming a DPC provider.

    Ready to Sign Up?

    Direct Primary Care Patient Contract – When you are ready to join Dr. Carroll’s practice, you will be asked to agree to the Direct Primary Care patient contract – Member Services Agreement. You can print the agreement, if needed, or you can Sign Up Online.

    If you would to learn more about Direct Primary Care, please call our office at 970-221-5858 and schedule a complimentary visit with Dr. Carroll to discuss the model and his practice style. This appointment will be approximately 15 minutes and will help determine if DPC is a good fit for you.