Review of “What The Health”

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“What The Health” is a new documentary directed by Kip Anderson and discusses some of the hidden stories behind why the current medical model avoids addressing the cause of most of the chronic disease that is costing our country more than just money.  Kip does a remarkably entertaining job of looking at how big business is influencing major organizations like the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Susan G Komen and American Medical Association.

I am very frustrated and saddened by how the traditional medical system ignores the tremendous health benefits from eating a whole foods plant-based diet.  “What The Health” shows there is more driving the consumption of the Standard American Diet (SAD) then fat, salt or sugar.  The incredibly powerful corporations that supply the SAD have incredible influence on more than just our government.

What I’ve tried to do with my Paradigm Shift for Health model is to educate patients on the science and evidence about chronic disease and, more importantly, the best way to prevent (and treat) these diseases.  I do believe there is benefit to understanding the larger picture when it comes to how external forces shape behaviors and create addictions.

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Dr. Carroll